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#1: Las Vegas

Welcome to one of the States most visited cities. There are the hopefuls in search of a big win and pool babes perfecting that desert tan. Perhaps you would rather go shopping, relax at a spa or bask in the glory of the neon lights. Vegas’ nightlife is legendary although you may find it surprising that family fun entertainment can be found. Las Vegas shows no signs of slowing down even though millions of guests have pounded its pavement.

#2: New York

We’d venture to say that if you would ask anyone outside of the US to name just one of its cities New York would be at the top of the list. It is famous for Broadway shows, world-class hotels and amazing restaurants. There are countless ways for you to fill your days – explore galleries, trendy boutiques or the legendary Times Square. However you spend your time you will understand why so many of New York’s visitors are repeat customers. You just might become one yourself.

#3: Orlando

Famous for its animated citizens, Orlando is a fantastic place to rediscover your imagination. Walt Disney World is by far its biggest attraction and for good reason. It’s just plain fun. Although Disney is reason enough to come there is more to Orlando than Mickey Mouse. Close to beaches, fantastic golfing and outlet shopping the whole family will find something to do. Looking for a unique way to spend your evenings? Head to Downtown Disney and enjoy a fun-filled evening.

#4: Austin

Don’t believe real cowboys still exist? Make your way to Austin and discover that manners haven’t become dust in the wind. As the capital of Texas, Austin is a cosmopolitan city filled with flavor and flair. Although skyscrapers and freeways exist in this sprawling city you will still come across lush trees and beautiful parks. Proud of their BBQs and musical heritage the locals are eager to show off their great city. Who knows, you just might come to love country music after your visit.

#5: Tucson

Tucson is bursting with history and color. Once you’ve arrived you will be amazed at how beautiful this city is. The architecture begs you to learn more about its past while the scents of the local food creations beckon you to discover their flavor. Tucson also showcases the artistic styles of its close neighbor Mexico. There is a wide range of sites that will please even your fussiest traveling companion. Who would have thought the desert could be so much fun?

#6: New Orleans

Nothing in New Orleans is basic and this city loves everything that stands out from the crowd. One of its most popular destinations is the historic French Quarter. Filled with unique sights you will discover a whole new side of the US. You could almost think of it as a distant third cousin. New Orleans is also famous for Jazz music and fabulous meals. Again, remember that nothing in the Big Easy is mundane. After spending your vacation here you just might find your foot tapping the whole way home.

#7: Anaheim

When you first hear about Anaheim you probably think of Disneyland. True, it is home to this great family theme park but it can offer so much more. Shoppers will want to make time for the ‘Block at Orange’ and golfers will find a number of fantastic greens to perfect their swing. Plus the weather here is generally quite lovely throughout the year. Anaheim is also close to some of this state’s most visited attractions making it an ideal starting point to any California adventure.


#8: Maui

As you arrive at this tropical paradise you notice the luxurious scents and the stunning natural beauty that surrounds you. As you explore the rainforests, parks, beaches and mountains you can see that Maui has protected its natural resources well. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the activities that await – snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, mountain biking and hiking are all in abundance. Those who prefer the indoors can also find great attractions as well as a number of shopping venues. Actually, the shopping here is quite fabulous. Yet another great reason to come.

#9: Anchorage

Making your way to Anchorage may take some effort but the trek is worth it. The natural beauty that thrives here is so different from the typical that you won’t ever forget it. True, it can get quite cold here during the winter months but each season showcases a new side of Anchorage. Try your hand at gold panning or catch your supper in the lake. See a glacier up close or discover the hidden talents of the local artists. Dispel the myths of what you may think Anchorage has to offer and discover this beautiful city for yourself.

#10: Washington D.C.

Last but certainly not least on our list is Washington, D.C. As the nation’s capital you can learn a lot about this country’s history. One of its most famous sites is the White House. Also popular is the impressive Smithsonian. This complex is absolutely amazing and a must see. Washington isn’t all about museums and history though. It has a fabulous nightlife and an impressive theatre selection. Even the country’s top leaders need to relax once in a while. Follow suit and enjoy a great vacation in Washington, D.C. Interested in visiting here?

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